Wedding Dress Tune-Up

wedding dress weight lossThe Perfect Fit for the Perfect Dress

On a recent Beyond Organic leadership call, Jordan Rubin referenced a “wedding dress tune-up” and it really struck a chord with me. I wanted to look my best on my wedding day, and having designed my dress myself, I needed it to fit like a glove (and…er…still be able to breathe just a little).

Whether you’re in danger of losing weight due to jitters or gaining it because of all that cake tasting, most gals have a pretty strict plan to ensure they fit into that beautiful dress on the day of their wedding.  After all, once the last fitting has been done, you’re not allowed to change size in any direction, and given the craziness of those last couple weeks before your wedding, that is no small feat!

wedding dress weight lossI wish Beyond Organic had been around 5+ years ago when Paul and I got married. The Beyond Organic Suero Cleanse would have been the perfect ticket for me.

I remember that time in my life like it was yesterday. I was so excited (with good reason; if you’ve ever met us, you know he is, indeed, the “better half”), and I was so busy with last-minute wedding details, that I had very little appetite in the last week or two before the big day. I had difficulty getting my daily doses of nutritional necessities, and I was in need of quick nutrients without empty calories. I also had so much on my plate that I had difficulty making even the smallest decision.  Food–unless it was the final approvals on wedding menus–was just the last thing on my mind. Given the simplicity of the Beyond Organic Suero Cleanse, a 3-day respite from “what’s for dinner” would have been a Godsend! But at least it’s available now for the future brides-to-be.

So, What Is A Cleanse?

According to the new book written by my friend Jordan Rubin, “A cleanse is any program that supports your body in naturally removing toxins from the body.” It goes on to say that some cleanses are more effective than others, which is certainly no surprise.

Why Cleanse?

Here’s an excerpt from the book that helps answer that question:

Every day you are exposed to some type of toxin—whether it be environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, household cleaning products, chemicals found in drinking water or food, heavy metals, aluminum from cans, and radiation from microwaves and cell phones, just to name a few!

Many other health conditions such as fatigue, joint discomfort, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and even brain fog can be linked to excessive toxicity.

Toxicity is a major reason why many American’s can’t lose weight.

Which Cleanse Is Right For You?

Of all the options out there, the best (by far) is a cultured whey cleanse.  Why?

Historically, cultured whey has been prized for its ability to support the body’s health in four unique ways:

1. Cultured whey, with its natural blend of sodium and potassium, stimulates intestinal peristalsis (to support healthy bowel function).†

2. Cultured whey, with its probiotics and prebiotics, supports intestinal flora.†

3. Cultured whey hydrates the body and provides essential minerals to flush excess water out via the kidneys and urinary tract.†

4. Cultured whey contains a high percentage of water and organically bound minerals to support elimination via the liver, kidneys and colon.

Which Cultured Whey Cleanse Is the Best?

0003694_sueroviv-bronze-3-day-cleanse_300That’s an easy one.  There’s only one I know of, and it’s from Beyond Organic.  And you can order yours right here.

Whether you need a wedding dress (or tux!) tune-up, or you just want to start living a healthier life, try a cleanse (a Suero Cleanse!) today.

(p.s. Would you like to learn more about the Suero Cleanse? Download the e-book here.)

About jenni smith

Jenni Smith is a recovering fast food addict and a reformed couch potato who swore she'd never be a distributor... until the day she realized the only thing holding her back from reaching her true potential was her own stubbornness. And maybe a bit of fear. When she finally decided to put on her "big girl pants", Jenni (and her rock star husband, Paul) went from founding distributor to top earner in two years, and is now a Youngevity Vice Chairman Marketing Director. With a 15-year career in marketing and two little girls at home, Jenni raises her kids and her family's income at the same time and is passionate about coaching anyone who has: A) a desire for better health; B) a need for better wealth; C) patience for sass.
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