Toddler Lunch Ideas: Meat, Peas, and Potatoes, OH MY!

photo-9Lunch Ideas for Feeding a Toddler

I know, as a Mom, we strive to feed our kids the healthiest things possible. But life gets busy, right? So here are a few random things I quickly threw together today for a healthy and QUICK lunch for Samantha Smith:

GreenFed Beyond Organic BBQ Ranch Roast — leftover from mom and dad’s dinner the night before, this pre-cooked pulled beef is fast, healthy, and absolutely delicious. I don’t even bother re-heating it for Samantha. She just devours it with her hands. It’s messy, but oh-so-good!

Sweet Potatoes Bites — I had these organic taters delivered from Spacegirl Organics and, again, cooked them in the oven for our dinner the night before. For lunch, I cut them up into square pieces (after removing the skins) and sautéed them in a pan with a little organic oil just to get them a little firmer on the ends and less messy for hand-feeding.

Seaweed Salad — I picked this up at a little health store on my way home from running an errand. Is it weird and smelly? Sure! But she doesn’t know that! And she eats it right up. I fed her the seaweed salad with a baby fork after cutting it up so she wouldn’t choke on the stringiness.

Peas — I buy organic frozen peas from Publix and pour a tablespoon or 2 into a glass jar and keep them in the fridge to thaw. I pull them out and add them to her plate any time I want more greens. They are the perfect finger food because they are easy for her to grab and they have a great sweetness to them that non-organic peas usually don’t have.

SueroViv — I mix Suero Gold and Suero Raspberry in a little cup with a straw that Samantha gets instead of “fruit juice” (which is usually less fruit than juice) and she gets calcium, potassium, and magnesium from this delicious beverage.

About jenni smith

Jenni Smith is a recovering fast food addict and a reformed couch potato who swore she'd never be a distributor... until the day she realized the only thing holding her back from reaching her true potential was her own stubbornness. And maybe a bit of fear. When she finally decided to put on her "big girl pants", Jenni (and her rock star husband, Paul) went from founding distributor to top earner in two years, and is now a Youngevity Vice Chairman Marketing Director. With a 15-year career in marketing and two little girls at home, Jenni raises her kids and her family's income at the same time and is passionate about coaching anyone who has: A) a desire for better health; B) a need for better wealth; C) patience for sass.
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