September Team Tip | How To Be A Meeting Giver

eventsSo, you’ve decided to host a meeting, huh? That’s GREAT! But, now what?

There’s an entire page of this blog dedicated to making sure your next event is a huge success. Just head on over to Youngevity Presentation Basics and get the skinny on how to be a meeting giver.

On the Youngevity Presentation Basics page, you’ll find the tried and true steps you need to take in order to host a meeting where the presenter is brought in, OR how to give a great presentation yourself.

I know this info will be what you need for a successful event for two reasons:

1) It is compiled from the brilliance of top meeting-givers like Dr. Corey Gold and Dave & Barb Pitcock, plus some team experiences and suggestions.

2) This is the exact plan I use each and every time I give a meeting.

Feel free to add your own twist and know that it’s going to be great — no matter what!

As Dr. Corey often says, “There’s no wrong way to give a meeting” but these Youngevity presentation basics will help give you the confidence to lead a meeting and drive more prospects to join your team.

Visit Youngevity Presentation Basics now!

About jenni smith

Jenni Smith is a recovering fast food addict and a reformed couch potato who swore she'd never be a distributor... until the day she realized the only thing holding her back from reaching her true potential was her own stubbornness. And maybe a bit of fear. When she finally decided to put on her "big girl pants", Jenni (and her rock star husband, Paul) went from founding distributor to top earner in two years, and is now a Youngevity Vice Chairman Marketing Director. With a 15-year career in marketing and two little girls at home, Jenni raises her kids and her family's income at the same time and is passionate about coaching anyone who has: A) a desire for better health; B) a need for better wealth; C) patience for sass.
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