Macular Degeneration Testimonial

Excerpted testimonial from EPIGENETICS, The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission – Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND

In 1998 Wallach was giving a lecture in Salt Lake, Utah, to a room packed with 300 eager attendees, when during the question and answer period, a man enquired about his mother who had been declared legally blind for eight years as a result of chronic macular degeneration, and he asked, “Can anything be done to restore my mother’s eyesight even though she has been declared legally blind as a result of macular degeneration?”

Wallach replied, “Macular degeneration is easy to prevent and easy to reverse with a dietary change and a complete supplement program that includes a heavy antioxidant approach, as macular degeneration was due to the accumulation of “ceroid lipofucin,” a pigment caused by free radical damage to the retina of the eye.” Immediately a man jumped in the back of the room and yelled, “Wallach, you’re a liar! I am an eye doctor and there is no way that you can prevent or cure macular degeneration, as it is due to aging and there is no way to prevent or cure it.”

Wallach asked, “Who are you?” To which the doctor replied, “I am Dr. Ronald Pugh.” Wallach then challenged Dr. Pugh, “Give me twelve of your macular degeneration patients who have been legally blind for eight to ten years, and if I can get half (6) to be able to read 20/ 20 in ninety days, will you apologize?”

Dr. Pugh responded, “If you can get two out of twelve to be able to read 20/ 20 in ninety days I will apologize!” The next day Dr. Pugh brought a box full of twenty-seven charts of patients who had been declared legally blind for eight to ten years because of macular degeneration. Wallach took all twenty-seven, gave each his 90 nutrient/ antioxidant program for macular degeneration, and in ninety days all twenty-seven could read 20/ 20 and only two required glasses! Dr. Pugh kept his word and produced an apology on a CD entitled, “Seeing is Believing!”

Wallach, Joel (2014-05-20). Epigenetics: The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission (Kindle Locations 7352-7353). SelectBooks, Inc.. Kindle Edition.
(Page 334-335 of the physical copy)

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