World Famous Health Lessons…FAST 

Hey there! How ya feeling today? Got any new aches and pains? Or worse…got any “normal” aches and pains?

How about your friends? Your folks? Or maybe you know a few kiddos with weight issues or learning disabilities?

Health Is Everything. I’m writing to make sure you hold onto yours.
But I know you’re busy.

So… how about I get you a few shocking health lessons in 5 minutes or less.

First, take this 5-second quiz:

  • Why does the average couch potato live longer than athletes?
  • Why can’t your body produce certain vital nutrients?
  • What’s the cholesterol myth?
  • How can I combat join pain without surgery?
  • Are supplements safe?

If you’d like to learn the answers in less than five minutes, click on this World Famous Health Lecture from Dr. Joel Wallach, and then select a super short clip on the topic of your choice.

It’s your health. Hang onto it.

About jenni smith

Jenni Smith is a recovering fast food addict and a reformed couch potato who swore she'd never be a distributor... until the day she realized the only thing holding her back from reaching her true potential was her own stubbornness. And maybe a bit of fear. When she finally decided to put on her "big girl pants", Jenni (and her rock star husband, Paul) went from founding distributor to top earner in two years, and is now a Youngevity Vice Chairman Marketing Director. With a 15-year career in marketing and two little girls at home, Jenni raises her kids and her family's income at the same time and is passionate about coaching anyone who has: A) a desire for better health; B) a need for better wealth; C) patience for sass.
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