3. 3-way Call Scripts

Got a brand new enrollee who’s a little gun-shy about getting started? No problem. Meet up with them or get them on the phone for their New Distributor Game Plan and, at the end, go back to Step 1: Have them start working on their list.

No, I don’t mean later. I mean right…now. Have them come up with ONE name. Just one. The one person that they would love to spend time with, that they have good rapport with, that they think could be great in this business. Have them write that name down and tell you a few reasons WHY he or she could be great.

Then…call them! (Yes. Now. Together.)

Wanna know what to say? I did, too! So here’s what Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director Dr. Corey Gold suggested. (Um… more or less.) One thing to keep in mind as you read it… the overall tone is CASUAL, fun, and relaxed. Dr. Corey Gold is great at setting people at ease. He jokes. He’s laid back. He’s genuinely interested in people, and he’s only trying to determine if this is the right FIT for the prospect. He’s not emotionally invested in the outcome, not desperate, and not trying to convince anyone of anything. He’s just determined to help the new enrollee get over that first call hurdle.

Best case scenario, the prospect says, “This is exactly what I’m looking for. Sign me up.”
Worst case scenario, the prospect says, “Lose my number”.

Either way, the first call is over! Congratulations!

Of course, the most likely situation is that the prospect says, “Sure, I’ll have a conversation with you because I like my friend and am genuinely interested in supporting him/her.” And then, using the scripting below, you can determine if this is a good mutual fit. That’s what this is all about.

Initial Prospecting Call Script

  • ENROLLEE:  You know how I told you I was looking for [extra money, a health plan to lose weight, a way to help others, etc]? Well I just pulled the trigger on something that is going to get me there! I’m so excited because I am sitting here for my first coaching session with [Sponsor] — she’s [edify the Sponsor]. So, this is my friend [Sponsor]!
  • SPONSOR:  Hi [Prospect]!  [Enrollee] and I were just sitting around having our first conversation about her new business and I asked her to think of ONE person, only ONE person that she likes enough to spend more time with and that she thought was the type of person who could do really well in this business, and she said… YOU. [Pause for them to say how nice that is.] Yeah, she thinks you’re awesome, thinks you’d be the perfect fit for this, and thinks you’re overall pretty… well, great! So, I gotta ask you, what makes you so great?! [The tone doesn’t translate well in this training text, but rest assured, you have a huge smile on your face and you’re both laughing when you deliver this correctly!]
  • SPONSOR:  Well like [Enrollee] mentioned, she’s really excited to be joining our team and wondered if you’d just take a look at it. We’re not gonna pitch you, not going to try to tell you everything about this opportunity today, but [Enrollee] obviously thinks you’d be great at this, and if you’re as [adjective] as she says, I KNOW you’ll be great at it, so would you be willing to have a 15-minute conversation about it?
  • SPONSOR:  Great. We’ll send you a couple videos for you to take a look at and, if you hate it, don’t get involved! No problem. But we’re absolutely on fire about it and just want to let you know what it’s all about. So, what’s a good time for us to give you a call back tomorrow so we can talk? [confirm] [end call]

Follow-up Call Script

  • SPONSOR:  We barely got a chance to chat yesterday. I don’t know you, you don’t know me… why don’t you take just a minute to tell me a little bit about yourself, then I’ll do the same thing, and hey — if we still like each other, we can keep talking!
  • Look for connection points — things you have in common — or things they have in common with someone you know in the business so you can draw a parallel.
  • SPONSOR:  Ahhh, I can relate to [whatever things you have in common]… and that’s why network marketing was a great solution for me. [Provide a specific or two]. [Now, you’re going to ask the prospect some questions. Any of the below will work nicely. Feel free to use the ones you’re most comfortable with or that seem most applicable to the prospect, but don’t feel like you need to ask all of them. It’s a 3-way call — not an interrogation.]
  • SPONSOR:  So, what do you do? That’s an awesome job! [They will likely tell you it’s not!] What about your spare time?
  • SPONSOR:  You know, [Enrollee] and I got to talking the other day and I asked her, “What makes your eyes pop open in the middle of the night” and she told me it was [whatever it was]. So let me ask you something. What is it that pops your eyes open in the middle of the night?
  • SPONSOR:  And what did you see in the video you watched that you think would help with that? [Confirm them! Add examples!]
  • SPONSOR:  What else got you excited about the videos you watched? / If you got excited about this, what kind of money would get your attention? / What would it take to get you to [their dream].
  • SPONSOR:  With my help, do you feel like we  could share this with 3 or 4 people just like you?

Closing Script

  • SPONSOR:  From everything we’ve talked about, it seems like you’d be great for this business. I’d love to work with you. [Enrollee] would love to work with you. Let’s not dance around it. Let’s just get you started. You’d be awesome. [Enroll them!][Or, you could ask “Is there any info you’d need before we get started?” And then you tell them you’ll send them what they need and set another time to talk about it.][If you can’t tell or they are being negative…]
  • SPONSOR:  Tell me where you are. What’s your temperature? Are you loving this? Because if not, we don’t want to abuse your time.

If the prospect tells you they’re not at all interested, end the call. There is a certain amount of finesse in exploring their objections, and if they offer up actual objections (I’m not a fan of MLM, I’m afraid this is one of those pyramid thingees, I’m short on cash, I’m short on time, I’m short…?!?) then you can use the feel / felt / found method described in detail on the New Distributor Game Plan. But the bottom line is that if someone says “I’m out!” then let it go and move on.

The worst thing that can happen in this business is that someone says, “No”. And all that really means is “not now.” So teach your new enrollee that it gets no harder than hearing a “no” and if they are still in one piece, they can do ANYTHING!

Usually, further follow-ups are needed. Remember, it takes an average of 5-6 exposures to educate your prospect well enough to the point where they are prepared to make a decision to join your organization. I repeat, five-to-six exposures! Just make sure your new enrollee keeps setting up those next exposures and ending with “Is there any info you’d need before we get started?” If they need more info, help provide it. If not, enroll them!

In closing, remember that as long as you focus on being interest-ED more than interest-ING, the prospect will be comfortable and will appreciate you sharing something you’re passionate about, and the new enrollee will feel supported and will get over the hump of that first call!


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