4. Youngevity Presentation Basics

So, you’ve decided to host a meeting, huh? That’s GREAT! But, now what? 

Here are the tried and true basic steps to hosting a meeting and giving a great presentation. This info is compiled from the brilliance of top meeting-givers like Dr. Corey Gold and Tom Chenault, plus some team experiences and suggestions. Add your own twist and know that it’s going to be great — no matter what!

As Dr. Corey often says, “There’s no wrong way to give a meeting” but these Youngevity presentation basics will help give you the confidence to lead a meeting and drive more prospects to join your team.

Consider these ideas as optional; skip them if they don’t fit the culture of your team or the mood of the meeting you’re giving. Just love on people. They’ll get the point.

The Meeting Before the Meeting

1) Get set up properly.

  • Have a stool you can lean on or put your notes on, and have a place to set your drink — I drink Pollen Burst.
  • I show videos on a 27″ computer. Others use a television hooked up to a laptop or iPad. If you’re going to show videos, just make sure you have high-speed internet access or videos on CD. Give your technology a quick dry-run before guests arrive. All videos you plan to show should be on CDs or open in separate tabs and queued up to the exact point you want them to start.
  • Check the temperature. Inviting a lot of guests over usually means turning the air down in the hot Florida weather, so adjust your thermostat appropriately based on where you live.
  • Have a product display on a nearby table for people to “sniff around” and check out some of your favorites (90 for life, pollen burst, makeup, essential oils, Beyond Organic, etc.). You want enough “stuff” for them to see large variety and have a reason to congregate while chit-chatting — kinda like a food buffet without the food — and have a couple various product brochures out as well so if people ask about ingredients after the presentation, you can say, “Oh we have great RESOURCES for that — check out some of the brochures on the table…but the real content is online!”
  • Diffuse Prosperity essential oil blend (I use Classic Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser – Silver)
  • Have some chairs already set up where you plan to give your presentation, but have additional chairs easily accessible. You will likely have no-shows, and you don’t want empty seats if you can avoid it. So set fewer chairs than you think you’ll need, and if you have more people arrive than you have chairs set up, ask people to “grab one from over there — wow we sure did have a lot of friends show up!”

2) Create a casual and FUN atmosphere.

  • I like to have up-beat music playing when guests arrive. If you choose to do the same, give a little thought to this step before guests start showing up. You can create a playlist of your favorite tunes (that’s what I do), or if you have iTunes, you can choose an iTunes station (I use “Raise Your Glass Radio” as my station). Pandora and iHeartRadio are options, but all 3 have commercials unless you use a paid version.
  • Consider serving a beverage. I like to have small, clear, plastic cups of Pollen Burst. It’s easier for people to mingle and socialize with a glass in their hands! Plus, I can follow-up the next day with, “Did that little meeting keep you wide awake last night or WHAT?! I know! Me too!” (Hint: Have pitchers of Pollen Burst made in advance, be sure they are thoroughly stirred so as to dissolve the powder evenly, and have a trash can handy for discards.)

3) Greet guests. Be awesome. 

  • Once your guests begin arriving (most are usually late, but I’ve had people show up as early as 45 minutes before the published “start time”), put your game face on! This is going to be FUN, and even if you’re nervous, show your guests you’re excited to host them and you’re glad they’ve come to see what all the buzz is about.
  • As a transition before your presentation begins, I like to have this YGY Moms video playing as people are getting seated. Not everyone will pay attention (don’t make them; your presentation hasn’t started yet and they might just want to mingle or chat as they find a seat) but for those that watch, this will set the stage for what you’re about to present. It also gives people who came alone a chance to grab a seat and have something to do while they wait for the presentation to begin.

The Meeting 

We want to be duplicatable, so we use the company-provided slides every time.

Here are the slides to download: YGY-BP-Nov2014.pptx

And here’s the format your meeting should follow:

1) Set people at ease and EDIFY (1-2 minutes)

  • Tell your attendees that you’re only giving an overview; they shouldn’t expect to know everything at the end of this meeting, but you’ll stick around and answer as many questions as they have.
  • Edify any leaders in the room, everyone who brought guests, and the speaker.

2) Tell your story (2-3 minutes)

  • Eric Worre says in “Go Pro”: No matter what your background is, you can craft a compelling personal story. I’ve found every good story has four elements:
    • Your background
    • The things you didn’t like about your background
    • How network marketing or your company came to the rescue
    • Your results, or how you feel about your future
  • Telling your story is a great time to overcome potential objections! Try to hit some common fears head-on:
    • Time: “I was already busy and worried I wouldn’t have enough time, but my sponsor taught me to work in the “nooks and crannies” of each day — car rides, lunch breaks, getting up a little earlier, etc.”
    • Money: “I wanted to get a CEO Pak (which you’ll learn more about in just a minute) and I was concerned about the cost, but my sponsor showed me what a great value it was, how it was the best deal possible, and how to get my money back ASAP, then how to grow from there.”
    • People: “I was concerned I didn’t know enough people, but my sponsor showed me that this business is about LEVERAGE and that I only needed to find a FEW and then help them find a FEW and then help them find a FEW MORE!  This is about networking — you only need a few… so who know a few people?! Everyone does!”

3)  Give the presentation (20-25 minutes)

  • Show the slides (download above) and give a brief 1-2 minute description of each.
  • Insert as many testimonials from yourself and others as you can.
  • If you are not comfortable giving the presentation yourself — that’s ok!! You can just show the Youngevity video presentation instead.

4)  Close the meeting (5-10 minutes)

  • If you are a strong closer, you can verbally close the room when you are on the last couple powerpoint slides.  SEE MY CLOSING TIPS BELOW!
  • If you aren’t a strong closer, (or if you don’t even know what that means!) you can simply show this 8-minute video instead, and then thank your guests for coming.
  • At the very end, remember to hand out applications and invite people to join your team!


  • If you’re doing a close yourself, it’s good to bring in a member of your upline team to say hi to your guests and put an exclamation point on your event. (2-3 minutes) (NOTE: If you do have a member of your upline call or Skype in, test the technology first and be sure to EDIFY THEM — get the bullet points of their biggest successes you will share when you introduce them. This is KEY. Your  guests don’t care that your special speaker is a friend, a nice person, or really cool and “soooooo helpful”. Don’t be vague! Set up your special speaker so that their words carry heavy weight!!)
  • Here are the key messages that need to be communicated:
    • Timing & Sense of Urgency:
      • “The time is NOW. Timing is everything — this company is 17-years old and already in over 60 countries — but we are just starting to grow here [in your area].”
      • If there’s a promo going on, announce it and give weight to the deadline.
      • Announce your next event and invite them to bring other people.
    • Address the 3 questions most people have:
      • Is this real (legitimate)? (Yes! Reference the slides they saw with the corporate team, Scientific & Athletic advisory boards, Clemson & Manitoba studies, the fact that we’re publicly-traded. etc.)
      • Can I do this? (Yes! Reference the thousands who are joining each month from all walks of life and the testimonials they’ve already heard from “regularly” people like them.)
      • Will someone help me? (Yes! Reference that having a SYSTEM is the missing piece for most NWM companies, but we have a track to run on! We have everything you need to show others how to switch where they shop, how to get healthy, how to do just about anything they might want to do.  We have a proven SYSTEM for training others. You’re in this business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself.
    • Everyone falls into 1 of 3 buckets: They’re in, they’re out, or they’ve got more questions.
      • If they’re in, they need to grab a form and you’ll help them fill it out NOW so they take advantage of any specials going on now.
      • If they’re out, “Hug me on your way out the door!”
      • If they have questions, grab me or the person who brought you and we’ll stick around until the last question is answered.

Meeting after the meeting

  • Have paper apps available to pass out!
  • Mingle and answer questions!
  • SET FOLLOW-UPS for coaching calls (new enrollees) or 3-way calls if they have questions.

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S!!!!!! You hosted an event!


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