Terrain Herbal Supplements

Beyond Organic Terrain Herbal Supplements

Beyond Organic Terrain Herbal Supplements

Terrain – Experience the Power of Sour

*Raw/Living *Certified Organic *Antioxidants *Enzymes *Probiotics *Organic Acids *Zero Calories

Terrain is a line of living herbal supplements utilizing our exclusive BioXPress™ technology which employs slow, long-term fermentation combining beneficial microorganisms and traditional organic botanicals to create liquid herbal supplements geared to “Transform Your Terrain” in 3 foundational ways:

  1. Helping to restore a proper pH balance in the body
  2. Helping to promote healthy metabolism
  3. Supporting healthy gut flora and overall digestive function

To see the protocols Beyond Organic recommends to combat certain illnesses and conditions, read this Terrain Protocols post.

Terrain living herbal supplements would be described as similar to apple cider vinegar, but goes beyond by providing expanded benefits associated with these historically celebrated botanicals—Turmeric, Holy Basil, Echinacea, Milk Thistle, Kombucha Black Tea, Peppermint, and Oregano.

Read all about these products here



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