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If you are a Youngevity Independent Marketing Director in search of useful tools to grow a strong business, look no further. Below are the Top 5 resources our team recommends for building a successful business.

1. Coffee Shop Conversation

coffee shop conversation

Tom Chenault

Building a successful network marketing company is about building relationships.

What better way to get to know someone or find out what is going on in their life than inviting them out for a cup of coffee?

Let upline leader and the master of relationships, Youngevity Ambassador Tom Chenault, guide you through a simple conversation with prospects.

Download the Tom Chenault Coffee Shop Conversation PDF

2. Go Pro Invitation

go proOnce you have had a coffee shop conversation with your prospect, you should know what makes their eyeballs pop open during the night, right? Good. So now, it’s time to follow-up to let them know you’ve been thinking about the problem/issue/need they shared with you and that you think you have a possible solution!

I suggest following Eric Worre’s simple invitation process as taken from his book, “Go Pro” starting on page 48:

1) Be in a hurry
2) Compliment the prospect
3) Make the invitation
4) If I, would you? (“If I sent you a 10-minute video link, would you watch it?”)
5) Confirmation #1 – Get the time commitment
6) Confirmation #2 – Confirm the time commitment
7) Confirmation #3 – Schedule the next call
8) Get off the phone

Purchase Eric Worre’s book “Go Pro

3. Youngevity First Look / Biz Opp Videos

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.21.48 AMIf your prospect’s eyes pop open in the middle of the night because of financial issues, we’ve got a 10-minute “first look” video that might be a great tool for you to use.

We designed this video to be a first look at Youngevity — it’s only 10 minutes and is split between introducing 90 for Life and the business opportunity. It’s by no means an exhaustive overview; it’s more of a jumping off point to bring your prospect into deeper discussions on a 3-way call with your upline.

Watch the 10-minute Youngevity First Look video

Other First Look Videos

Remember: This isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” business. Keep in mind that your goal with the coffee shop conversation is to figure out which tool/resource will best resonate with your prospect. Try these others on for size!

Business Opportunity Videos

If your prospects are looking for “more meat”, let a video do the presentation for you. Here are some of my favorites:

4. Weekly Team Calls

team huddle callEach Tuesday, I facilitate a Blazer-Bound Book Club call. This call is open to anyone interested in personal/professional development.

Live calls occur each Tuesday at 11am ET.
Dial: 559-726-1300 | Pin: 717273

Access archived Book Club recordings

Each Thursday, field leader Mike Battistelli hosts a live training call designed to motivate and inspire Youngevity Independent Marketing Directors with leadership-building wisdom.

Live calls occur each Thursday at 1pm ET.
Dial: 760-569-7676 | Pin: 488013

Access archived training call recordings 

5. Connect on Facebook

facebookWe’ve created a special group on Facebook where those of us who transitioned over from Beyond Organic can get together and share tips and resources for a smooth entrance into our new Youngevity family.

Connect with us on Facebook and say hello!

Join the Go Big. Go Beyond! Facebook group


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  2. Jenny says:

    This is all so awesome! THANK YOU!!!

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