Blazer-Bound Book Club

Build Your Personal & Professional Skills

Book ClubYou’re invited to join us for personal and professional development every Tuesday at 11am ET (10 CT / 9 MT / 8 PT).

View the calendar here.

View the recordings here.

Why Join?

It’s time to take an active role in improving yourself and upping your game

I often say in this business that we can raise our kids and our income at the same time, right? Well that starts with raising our skills, our confidence, our belief, and our abilities.

Don’t hem and haw over this. You have nothing to lose. Join our Blazer-Bound Book Club and you’ll take one huge step closer to sporting a blazer (a symbol of higher earnings and rank at Youngevity) to wear with pride.

Weekly Action Plan

All it takes is reading a few pages a day.

  1. Get the NEW book:
    STARTING 4/18/17:   Give and Take — Adam Grant
  2. Read 1 chapter a week:
    That’s usually only about 5 pages per day!
  3. Add the weekly number to your phone:
    Dial (712) 770-4160 (note NEW number) / Pin 717273#
  4. Join our next call:
    Tuesday at 11am ET (10 CT / 9 MT / 8 PT)
  5. Set your calendar for weekly calls:
    Every Tuesday, same time, same number

Blazer-Bound Book Club 2016 Calendar

  • Apr 18 — Give and Take — Adam Grant
  • Apr 25NO BOOK CLUB
  • May 2 — Give and Take — Adam Grant (Finishing Chapter 1)
  • May 9 — NO BOOK CLUB
  • May 16 — Give and Take — Adam Grant (General discussion — no recording)
  • May 23 — Give and Take — Adam Grant (Chapter 2)
  • May 30 — Give and Take — Adam Grant (Starting page 32)
  • June 6 — Give and Take — Adam Grant (Chapter 3)
  • June 20 — Give and Take — Adam Grant (Chapter 3)
  • June 27 — Give and Take — Adam Grant (Chapter 4)
  • July 11 — Give and Take — Adam Grant (Chapter 5)

Blazer-Bound Book Club Recordings

Click on the archive of each book for group discussion and commentary.

  • Click here for “Go Pro” by Eric Worre
  • Click here for “Dare to Dream & Work to Win” by Dr. Tom Barrett
  • Click here for “The Greatest Networkers in the World” by John Milton Fogg
  • Click here for “Rock Your Network Marketing Business” by Sarah Robbins
  • Click here for “MLM Blueprint” by Kody Bateman
  • Click here for “Why Aren’t We Rich Yet?” by Andy Willoughby
  • Click here for “Beach Money” by Jordan Adler
  • Click here for “Little Black Book of Connections” by Jeffrey Gitomer

“Give and Take” Recordings

Apr 18 recording (Give and Take — Chapter 1):


Apr 18 recording (Give and Take — Chapter 1 cont’d):


May 2 recording (Give and Take — Chapter 1 cont’d):


May 23 recording (Give and Take — Chapter 2):


May 30 recording (Give and Take — Chapter 2 cont’d):


June 20 recording (Give and Take — Chapter 3):


June 27 recording (Give and Take — Chapter 4):



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  1. Jennifer Brody says:

    I ordered the book last night. Have been getting his emails and watching his videos for the past month or so. I’m not a fan of yellow, so I think I’ll just skip to a black blazer…or maybe green since it’s my favorite color.! Not sure I can make your first meeting live. Will you be recording?!? After that school is done and I hope to attend

  2. Rose Chavez says:

    How do i join this club?

  3. LaWenda Barr says:

    Would like to catch up and read all the books from past years. Can I get a list of books and authors please.

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