Burst Your Business

Are you ready to burst your business?! This page will help you get started.

1)  If you are a brand new Youngevity Independent Marketing Director (IMD), check out the New Distributor Game Plan for the 6 simple steps to become a Regional Marketing Director in 7 days or less.

2)  Then, kick things up a notch with Escape of Youngevity’s Fast Path to SEMD.

3) For moms in search of a simple way to invite other moms to see what Youngevity has to offer, bookmark the YGY Moms Approach.

4) If you are in search of additional tools to grow a strong business, head on over to the Top 5 resources our team recommends for building a successful business.

5) And for bonus points, take a look at my notes from an Eric Worre webinar: How to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days.


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