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February Team Tip | Save Once, Earn Twice

Ready to Swap Where You Shop? This February, Youngevity is offering us three NEW bundles with best-selling products that everyone loves. Don’t forget to share these with the rest of our team, because when you do, you can EARN EVEN MORE. … Continue reading

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November Team Tip | Youngevity has your holiday shopping covered

Are you seeing “Shop Small” and “Shop Local” mantras all over Facebook like I am? Well, guess what? It doesn’t get more local than a home-based business. Whether you have your own Youngevity business or you’re one of our cherished … Continue reading

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August Team Tip | Get Keto

I’m getting a lot of questions like this:        I keep hearing about the Keto Diet. What’s the big deal? Ketogenic diets have become popular for weight loss and optimal health. Here’s why… Most people already know this: … Continue reading

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June Team Tip | Everything Duplicates

Despite everything you’ve been told, there IS a guarantee in network marketing: everything duplicates. Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve been told (by everyone, including me) that you need to WORK for duplication to take place. That’s wrong. I was wrong. … Continue reading

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Teens Pull A Ditch and Switch

I hope you’ll find this as eye-opening as I did. My friend shared an article with me that said teens were ditching chemical-laden cosmetics and switching to toxic-free products. I couldn’t help but think of my own two beautiful girls, almost-4-year-old … Continue reading

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February Team Tip | Where Leadership Happens

Anyone watch a little football last night? Yeah, me too. And, WOW. If I’m being honest, I’m not what you’d call a sports fanatic, but I enjoy a good game now and again. The rivalry, the excitement, the commercials(!)…they’re all … Continue reading

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Personalized Kid Book | 1st Birthday Gift | Gift for 1 year old | Gift for 2 year old

Personalized Kid Book Teaching America how to count… one child at a time. Ok, here’s the truth. Kids could possibly learn how to count without this personalized kid book… but why should they have to?! It’s a proven fact: children … Continue reading

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December Team Tip |

Introducing our new team training site: This website was developed for YOU and YOUR TEAM. Specifically, here’s what you’ll find:   +  Your first 24-hours in Youngevity   +  Getting started videos — brand new!!   +  Scripts, tools, and templates … Continue reading

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Doc Wallach’s Self-Assessment Health Evaluation

There is so much science behind Dr. Wallach’s products. I’ve compiled some resources to show proof of the true quality captured in our Healthy Body Start Pak (90 for Life) and other offerings. Click here for the science behind 90 for Life. Not … Continue reading

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Tinker Bell Smoothie with Amasai Recipe

Since no one would believe I was this creative anyway, I might as well start by thanking my friend (and fellow Mission Marketer) Gina for this way-cool recipe. Call it the Tinkerbell or the Green Monster–whatever tickles your kid’s fancy–and … Continue reading

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