Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

Dead Doctors Don't Lie

Here’s the truth: you’ve been lied to.

Many diseases plaguing Americans today — diseases we’re told are genetic and therefore unavoidable — these diseases are actually preventable.
Even curable.

These diseases are linked to

Diabetes | Arthritis | Cancer | Birth Defects | Fibromyalgia | Brain Aneurisms | Muscular Dystrophy | Multiple Sclerosis | Cystic Fibrosis | ALS | Lupus | Infertility | On and on

Here’s the good news: Fix the deficiency — Fix the problem.

Listen to the best of Dr. Wallach’s famous lecture “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” below.

Track 1: Veterinary Health Care

Track 2: America’s Longevity
Track 3: Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie
Track 4: Age Beating Centurions
Track 5: Salt and High Blood Pressure
Track 6: Cholesterol and Heart Disease
Track 7: Arthritis & Osteoporosis
Track 8: Early Warning Signs
Track 9: Copper & Aneurysms
Track 10: Athletes
Track 11: Calcium & Hypertension
Track 12: Essential Nutrients
Track 13: Joint Injuries
Track 14: Athletes
Track 15: Arthritis
Track 16: Bone Spurs/Osteoporosis
Track 17: Cancer
Track 18: Diabetes
Track 19: Alzheimer’s/Cholesterol
Track 20: ADD/ADHD
Track 21: Pregnancy/Birth Defects
Track 22: Asthma/Allergies
Track 23: Safety of Supplements
Track 24: Fibromyalgia
Track 25: Infant Formulas

Click here to learn more about Doctor Wallach’s #1 recommended protocol: 90 for Life


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