Getting Started for Mia Consultants

Creating Your New Username & Password
(and website address)

  1. Go to
  2. Click “login” at the top right
  3. Enter your temporary username:  mbb[lastname] (example: for Jenni Smith, it would be mbbsmith)
  4. Enter your temporary password:  123
  5. Hover over “settings” in the purple bar, and click “account”
  6. Click “view” above your username. This is where you set your permanent username. Your username will also be part of your replicated website URL. (You’ll see that you get a My90forLife URL and you also get a URL which is [username]
  7. Click “view” above your password. This is where you set your new password.
  8. On this same screen, you can also update shipping address, birthday, and other personal information. **Please note that many addresses did not come over in the database transfer, so the Youngevity corporate address in Chula Vista was used. Change your address right here in the my90forlife account settings.

Placing Your Order

  1. From the site, click on “back office” in the purple bar.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions (first time only)
  3. Click on the green shopping cart icon located under the purple bar.
  4. Locate the Product Categories on the left-hand side of your screen and scroll to the bottom.
  5. On the second-to-last line, click on “enrollment packages”.
  6. The available CEO packages will populate here. Choose any one you want! You can view details or add to cart. If you do not wish to purchase a CEO package, you can shop in any of the categories to the left to find what you’re looking for. Once ready, add your products to your cart and click “checkout” on the right-hand side of your screen.
  7. Your shipping option will default to the least expensive, but you may choose to expedite it if you’d like.
  8. Add/edit/verify any billing and shipping information. (If incorrect information populates, you can fix it temporarily here, and fix it permanently in the “profile” section of as instructed above.)
  9. Enter credit card information.
  10. Click “process order” — only once!

Setting Your Autoship

  1. Login here
  2. Locate the colored icons under the purple bar
  3. Click on the orange icon called “Autoship Profile”
  4. Agree to terms (one time only)
  5. Follow instructions to set up your autoship

HINT: When the long list of products comes up, press “Ctrl F” on your keyboard to bring up a search box. Start typing in the name of the product you want. Applicable items will be highlighted so you can easily change the quantity from 0 to 1.

A few notes on autoships:

An autoship can only be set for the following month.
An autoship, therefore, cannot be set up to run in the same month. For example, any time in March, you can set up an autoship for April. But you cannot set up an autoship in April to run in April.

Autoships set for over $50 receive FREE SHIPPING.
How cool is that? (Answer: very cool.)

Autoships 100QV or greater are eligible for quickstart.
The quickstart bonus is a BIG bonus, so don’t miss it. It pays you 30% of everything your new customers and distributors order for their first 30 days in the business. Always set a 100QV autoship and you’ll receive free shipping AND your quickstarts.

Autoships can be edited online
As long as you are more than 24-hours before your autoship is set to process, you can go online and edit your order. I suggest setting a 48-hour reminder because once it’s locked in, you cannot change the contents of your order.

Cancel/Change autoships by calling Customer Service.
If you want to change the date of your autoship, cancel the service altogether, or simply put a 1-month hold on it, please call Customer Service more than 48-hours before it’s set to process. Customer Service can be reached at (800) 982-3189.

Additional FAQs

Click here for FAQs:

Call me if you need any help!

Jenni Smith