How to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days

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Eric Worre hosted a great webinar: How to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days. I took a lot of notes and wanted to share them with YOU!

This webinar was full of great info, and I most appreciated how *real* he was with his participants. This business takes WORK. (We often joke that our industry is called netWORK marketing for a very real reason). But if you’re willing to commit — even if only for 30 days — the financial reward can be incredible.

Worre even boasts that you can earn a 6-figure income by doing the below activity ONE TIME. That’s only ONE MONTH of your life. ONE. Ready to get started? Here’s what I learned…

How to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days

  • You need a 3Eric Worre0-day game plan… but a 90-day game plan is better!
  • Worre studied successful MLM-ers and determined 70-90% of income is attributable to a 90-day burst of activity.
  • Today’s webinar will cover: how to get 20 in 30 days and why that’s important
  • First, you need to understand what DOESN’T work…

Network Marketing Myths

  • Slow and steady wins the race (It’s actually going to starve you to death! In this biz, you’ve gotta be the rabbit, then the tortoise, then the rabbit again. You can’t get a plane off the ground at 20%. You need 100% to get off the ground.)
  • I just want to recruit once a month (never seen anyone “get altitude” or “get off the ground” do it with a goal of 1 per month.)
  • Just don’t quit (That’s not enough)

Recruit 20 Questions to Consider

  • How much commission will you earn for bringing in 20 people?
  • Other bonuses from the same activity?
  • 12 month earnings?
  • Lifetime earnings?
  • Will you rank advance?
  • What’s the example worth?
  • Reputation?

Success Loves Speed

(If you bring 20 in within 30 days…)

  • 12 of 20 will do something within 30 days
  • 8 will look like leaders within 90 days
  • 4 will generate 90% of your income at 1 year (1 of the 4 will generate more than half of the income)
  • 2 will generate 90% of your income at 5 years
  • NOTE:  If you bring the same 20 people in within 30 MONTHS instead of 30 days, the numbers would be 20, 8, 4, 1, 0.

Action Plan to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days

  • What’s your story?
  • Pick when your 30-days will begin


  • What’s your level of commitment?
  • Clear your calendar
  • Sacrifice
  • Negotiate with family
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Existing group — don’t let them become a distraction
  • Fresh list
  • Sharpen skills — 1 day only — don’t spend too much time


  • How many people join? 20% (2 out of 10 will join after a presentation)
  • How many presentations do you need to do? 100
  • How many appointments? 125
  • How many calls do you need to make? 300
  • How many on your list? 500

But if you do that within 30 days…. Success Loves Speed!!!

  • How many people join? 30-40%
  • How many presentations do you need to do? 60-70
  • How many appointments? 90
  • How many calls do you need to make? 150
  • How many on your list? 300

30 Days

  • 1st 10 days — contacting, inviting, presenting
  • 2nd 10 days — follow-up
  • 3rd 10 days — closing

1st 10 Days

  • 100% Full-Time (16 hours / day M-F)
  • On the phone during drive time
  • 1 8-hour blitz day (group of people burning up the phones)
  • Live events
  • Webinars/Skype/Calls

2nd 10 Days

  • Follow-up
  • 3-ways
  • Other exposures
  • Questions/objections

3rd 10 Days

  • Closing
  • Questions and Stories

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    Thank you so much for that Lesson

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