November Team Tip | Youngevity has your holiday shopping covered


Are you seeing “Shop Small” and “Shop Local” mantras all over Facebook like I am? Well, guess what?

It doesn’t get more local than a home-based business.

Whether you have your own Youngevity business or you’re one of our cherished customers, we have over 5,000 products to cover most of your holiday needs!

Teacher gifts? Try coffee and chocolate. Mmmmm.

Lovely ladies in your life? I’ll help you personalize a locket.

General gifts for gals? Mialisia jewelry is always a hit.

De-stress presents? Essential oils + a diffuser, bath salts, lotion or sugar scrub.

And don’t forget the ever-popular personalized photo gifts like Christmas ornaments, iPhone cases, mugs/coasters, calendars, wall decor, and even your holiday cards through Heritage Makers.

Don’t just “shop small” this holiday season. Shop SMART.

Save time and money with the generous deals Youngevity is offering.

Login and shop from the comfort of your home HERE.

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October Team Tip | Get Up. Get Going. Get What You Want.

unknown-1Sometimes I need motivation.unknown-2

Sometimes, I want encouragement.

But today, I needed a dose of “Please someone, tell me what to DO!

Ever had those days? You know, those days where you know you need to ACT, but you don’t know what to DO? I have. I know what that feels like. And that’s why I’ve been working on this team’s tip for a few weeks.

This month’s tip is all about TAKING ACTION.

unknownI had the privilege of speaking on a recent Daily Dose call where I hit this issue right between the eyes.

I did it for me. But now I’m sharing it with you.

You can listen to the full recording, but here’s what I covered in less than 30 minutes:

  • 4 Causes of IN-action:  unpreparedness, fear of rejection, limited self-image, low self-esteem
  • Start with the end in mind:  vision-building, positive affirmations, and S.M.A.R.T. goal setting
  • The dangers of intention:  intention without initiative is bedazzled inaction
  • How to get up, get going, and get what you want.

Check out the full Daily Dose (9/29/16) Recording here.

I hope this team tip helps your business to GROW!

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September Team Tip | Don’t Go Broke Trying To Get Rich

A team member sent this Ray Higdon excerpt out in a recent newsletter to her team (Thanks, Lori!), and it really spoke to me.

I see a LOT of people that are going broke trying to get rich quick. Stop it. Your income will be determined by how many people you impact, how much value you bring to the marketplace and how many problems you help solve.

None of those virtuous acts are cheap or happen magically, they happen with work and YOU have what it takes to make it happen and to create the life of your dreams.

This is good advice. But there’s actually more to it in Youngevity. There’s something special about our business model — something unique to our company alone. Do you know what it is?

A lot of MLM companies expect you to become “garage qualified” by purchasing an abundance of product you don’t expect to use in order to participate in their comp plan. Talk about “going broke trying to get rich”!

hqdefaultAt Youngevity, we teach people to “Switch Where You Shop” instead. We simply redirect our spending. Got a line item on the family budget for nutritional products? Buy them from your YGY business instead. And then teach others to do the same.

Other popular “switch” categories include: coffee & energy drinks, fashion & jewelry, skin & body care, home & garden, pet products, makeup and more.

And don’t forget personalized gifts for weddings, birthdays, teacher appreciation, and holidays.

As Ray suggests, it’s all about value in the marketplace. And YOU have that value. It’s all part of YOUngevity. Now let’s get out there and spread some value.

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August Team Tip | Get Keto

0008044_slender-fx-keto-caramel-bars-10-ctI’m getting a lot of questions like this:

       I keep hearing about the Keto Diet. What’s the big deal?

Ketogenic diets have become popular for weight loss and optimal health. Here’s why…

Most people already know this:  In order to lose weight you have to eat less calories than you burn.

But here’s what they DON’T realize…

The #1 reason why people fail on most diet plans is because they are hungry.
And here’s the bigger thing to keep in mind…
The reason why people are hungry is because they follow a low nutrient, low fat weight loss diet. BIG MISTAKE.
So what’s up with The Youngevity Keto90 Lifestyle Plan?
To start, it is high in nutrients and high in fat which will prevent you from ever being hungry… making weight loss easy!
What else?

The Youngevity Keto90 Lifestyle Plan has many more benefits than just weight loss. Following this plan has shown to drastically reduce cholesterol levels, heart disease, and cancer.

It will also drastically improve your digestive system, detoxify your body, and strengthen your immune system. It will fix virtually every health problem and give you energy like you have never had before!

Ready for the plan?
Click Here

Ready to order?
Click Here

p.s.  The special bundle of Youngevity’s Slender FX™ keto Caramel™ Weight Management Shake & Bars is SOLD OUT for regular purchase, but you can still add it to your autoship this month (August ONLY) and save!
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July Team Tip | Ask A Doc

I’m hearing that people with specific health questions are having a hard time finding answers. Are you one of them?

You can ask a doc directly!
Some have had trouble getting into Doc’s radio show or finding the answers to various health questions, but we have a solution.

Join the weekly Youngevity “Ask the Doctor” call with Dr. Joanne Conaway. 

Tuesday nights at 9pm ET (8pm CT7pm MT6pm PT).

Call 530-881-1212;
Pin 672-224-983

NOTE: These calls are NOT recorded, so you must join them LIVE.

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June Team Tip | Everything Duplicates

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.06.57 PMDespite everything you’ve been told, there IS a guarantee in network marketing: everything duplicates.

Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve been told (by everyone, including me) that you need to WORK for duplication to take place. That’s wrong. I was wrong. No matter what…

Duplication is guaranteed in your business.

But here’s the rub: while it’s true that good stuff duplicates, so does bad stuff.

Massive-DuplicationAnd bad stuff duplicates hard and fast.

Here are just a few of the mistakes I’ve inadvertently taught my downline when they first were merely prospects:


imagesYou know what that is, right? It’s when a prospect asks for a proverbial glass of water and we turn on the firehose, spewing massive amounts of detailed information that, at best, goes over their head, and at worst, overwhelms them.

By fire-hosing the prospect, we teach them to over-talk and under-listen. So that’s exactly what they’ll do when they start talking to their own prospects.

Instead, ask questions. Then ask more. Do more listening, and less talking.

Black Bindering

2012-09-07 2012-09-07 001 023Yesssss. My first MLM mis-step. Ah, how sweet it was to spend hours upon hours thickening up that useless waste of three-prong nonsense. But it was so much easier than picking up the phone. Sound familiar?

The longer you spend contemplating the business instead of sharing it, the more time you’re going to waste. And worse, if you have that thick binder of collected info on everything from the products to the comp plan, you’re going to show it to people. BAM! You’ve just paved the path for procrastination duplication.

Instead, jump right in and show others how to do the same.

Exhaustive Researching

The more I fall in love with products, the more I want to heal the world. As my mom would say, “Bless her heart!” Don’t get me wrong — there’s nothing wrong with wanting to help sick people get better (so long as you aren’t playing doctor and dispensing medical advice). But it does get tricky when you add hours of pick-a-product research every time a prospect complains of foot/back/head/knee swelling/pain/discomfort/damage.

77a5167672491ffc64853af386c58aefb39b354bf594b27996f66f73ea9a6baaThis is the most dangerous duplication, because once you paint yourself as a researcher, not only will your prospects ask you about every minor physical issue, but your distributors will do the same for all of their prospects and their distributors’ prospects.

Before you know it, you’re a full-time researcher and there’s no time for networking. You’ve also made your business focus one of products rather than opportunity. Uh oh.

Instead, treat your business like a game of chess: you make a move, then your prospect makes a move. You don’t move again until they do. You know why? Because most times, they won’t.

You read that right. You will lose prospects if you take this approach. But you know what? You would have lost them anyway — but you would have lost them after spending hours of your valuable time trying to help them. The bottom line is if they aren’t willing to partner WITH you to improve their health, they certainly won’t bother paying for supplements or committing to taking them regularly.

So the next time someone asks for help with their health, have them fill out Doc Wallach’s health questionnaire self-assessment. Then help them make the best decision and get them enrolled.

Duplicate with Caution

dangerThe point is that what you do WILL duplicate. So when your upline cautions you to “follow the system” and you’re more interested in Fleetwood Macking it (You can go your own wayyyyyyyyyyyyy… go your own way-ay-ay), RESIST THE URGE and listen to your sponsor. Everything will duplicate. Just make sure you’re duplicating the right behaviors.

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May Team Tip | How NOT To Crash and Burn

My favorite advice to dispense is always someone else’s. That way, we can learn and grow *together*.

[In truth, if I’m giving advice from personal experience, it usually means I’ve screwed something up and have the bruises to prove it, so I much prefer to learn my lessons from someone else rather than learning the hard way. Ya with me??]

So today, we’re learning from my favorite master of personal development: Brendon Burchard. His new book, The Motivation Manifesto juuuust might be my favorite personal development book of all time. Yes, it’s that good. Grab a copy and devour. And while you wait for Amazon to deliver…

Let’s take a look at why achievers crash and burn. This month’s team tip is for leaders — whether they be up-and-coming or already hitting it out of the park — who aspire to maintain success themselves and help foster it in others. (That’s you, right? YES!)

I found myself relating to all four of Brendan’s achiever pitfalls. Womp womp. I wonder… how many of them describe YOU? Ready to find out?

Thankfully, Brendon gives us content delivery options. (Isn’t that nice of him?) Watch the video below, or keep reading for the highlights. Then drop me a line and tell me which of these four you want to work on first. And I’ll be right beside you… working on me.


Why do achievers crash and burn so often? It’s usually because of these four horseman of achievement:

The Need to Help Everyone. The more you succeed, the more everyone wants your help. It’s because you’re so good at so many things. This is a beautiful blessing, and it’s wonderful to help people — until you overcommit yourself. It’s time to define the few critical people in your personal life that you truly want to help and focus on them. View all outside request from others as obligations that can tear you away from what and who you should be focused on.

Lost focus. After attaining success, it’s easy to be tempted by the abundance of new projects available to you. Achievers love to build, and once they build they love to move on, forgetting that mastery and scale only come if they stay focused. If taking on new projects, proceed slowly, one at a time, dedicating enough time to each project so that you can serve with real focus and excellence. You don’t want to be a mediocre do-er of everything; you want to be a master of realms.

No Skill Acquisition. After gaining a skill and reaching success, many achievers stop growing. When they were climbing, they were ferocious in their learning – reading books, trying new things, interviewing experts, asking tons of questions, measuring progress and testing outcomes. Don’t stop that just because you’ve “made it,” or else you’ll soon lose your edge and passion. If growth leaves the scene, you get bored and sabotage what you once loved.

No Celebration of Success. Many people knock off goals and achieve big things without taking time to reflect and enjoy their successes. Don’t forget the challenges you’ve overcome and the small successes you have each week. Give yourself the credit you deserve for having come this far. Integrate success by journaling about it, telling your friends and family about your wins, throwing some parties. Allow yourself the emotional satisfaction of growth so that your journey feels worthwhile. If it feels worthwhile, you will keep doing it, you will keep climbing, you will keep innovating, you will keep contributing, you will keep feeling what we call #TheChargedLife.

Excerpted from

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