Personalized Kid Book | 1st Birthday Gift | Gift for 1 year old | Gift for 2 year old

Personalized Kid Book

Teaching America how to count… one child at a time.

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-3-29-00-pmOk, here’s the truth. Kids could possibly learn how to count without this personalized kid book… but why should they have to?!

It’s a proven fact: children learn best when you buy a personalized kid book book from my store. PROVEN.

Especially a personalized learn to count book. SERIOUSLY.

Kid Can Books

All joking aside, this little Etsy store, Kid Can Books, is OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. So, that’s why I started it. Kid Can Books is brand new!

1st Birthday Gift | Gift for 1 Year Old


Making my daughter’s 1st birthday gift book available for purchase (and criticism!) was a scary thing for this work-from-home mom, but I want to teach my girls to take great steps of faith. That’s why I opened the Etsy shop and now offer 1st birthday gift / gift for 1 year old kids that will help them learn to count in a fun way.

Gift for 2 Year Old

So I hope you’ll consider supporting Kid Can Books, buying a personalized kid book (which makes a great 1st birthday gift, gift for 1 year old, or gift for 2 year old) and I promise to put every ounce of love and detail into YOUR kiddo’s personalized counting book that I put into my own. Because children deserve the best. Always.

Click here to visit Kid Can Books on Etsy!


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