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Piña Colada Toddler Mocktail Recipe

Four-year-old Samantha Smith gets her nutrition-packed “piña colada” every morning (without fail) thanks to her daddy, who makes and shakes it with a lot of love. There’s no better way to get the “Mighty 90” into her tiny-but-growing body. And here’s … Continue reading


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Teens Pull A Ditch and Switch

I hope you’ll find this as eye-opening as I did. My friend shared an article with me that said teens were ditching chemical-laden cosmetics and switching to toxic-free products. I couldn’t help but think of my own two beautiful girls, almost-4-year-old … Continue reading

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Stuffed Green Peppers for the Crockpot

Stuffed Green Peppers for the Crockpot I usually try to avoid cooking my meals to death, but the crockpot is such a convenient way to enjoy a home-cooked meal AND have an uber-productive day. (Can I get an “amen”?). Even … Continue reading

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Beyond Breakfast of Champions

Beyond Breakfast Update: October 2013 This mom has been on “daddy’s eggs duty” for the last week, so I’ve had some time to perfect the scramble. I must admit, I’m getting pretty good. (Note beautiful egg picture). You might also … Continue reading

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Cheesy Squash Bake Recipe

Beyond Organic steaks were on sale this weekend and THANK GOODNESS for that because we just grilled our last remaining Greenfed ribeye last night. Dinner was out-of-this-world good. In addition to the steak, we enjoyed non-GMO corn-on-the-cob, sweet potatoes, broccoli, … Continue reading

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Toddler Lunch Ideas: Meat, Peas, and Potatoes, OH MY!

Lunch Ideas for Feeding a Toddler I know, as a Mom, we strive to feed our kids the healthiest things possible. But life gets busy, right? So here are a few random things I quickly threw together today for a … Continue reading

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Beyond Organic Terrain Protocols

Beyond Organic offers a variety of raw, liquid supplements called Terrain. Think of these as herbal cider vinegars. You can read more about Beyond Organic Terrain Living Herbals  here. These zero-calorie supplements are designed to help you transform your own terrain … Continue reading

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Organic Baby Food Recipes

I am going to endeavor to post more organic baby food recipes on The Reformed Couch Potato Blog because I know  many other parents are looking for creative, healthy choices to feed their babies and toddlers. Samantha is now 14-months … Continue reading

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May Team Tip | What Kind of Character Are You?

Return from Beyond Organic Ranch Paul and I have just returned from our first trip to Beyond Organic Ranch and we hardly know where to start. We want to tell you how therapeutic and relaxing the time we spent with … Continue reading

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Beyond Organic Events | April 2013

Our team is making a big push this spring to build momentum for a HOT summer, and events are THE BEST way to share our message. Keep this post handy; I’ll continue adding events all over the country as our … Continue reading

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