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February Team Tip | Super Saturdays (From the Hair On Fire Call)

Looking for a recap of Tom Chenault’s 2/10/15 Hair On Fire call? Look no further… How to Host a Super Saturday If you’re in an area that isn’t already having monthly training sessions, I hereby empower you to host your … Continue reading

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How to Give Yourself a High Five When No One Else Will

Ever have one of those days where you find yourself spending more time patting yourself on the back than on doing the activities for which you should be congratulated? Yeah, if I’m being honest, me too. Sometimes, I want to … Continue reading

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The Noble Art of Leaving Things Undone

Paul and I are [still] reading John C. Maxwell’s book, Today Matters, and what matters today is prioritization. We Cannot Do Everything There was a time in my life when I thought I could do everything, but I was very … Continue reading

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July Team Tip | Today Matters

My friend suggested a book that Paul and I have been enjoying lately. Actually, we’ve made it a whole family affair; I read aloud from it every morning while Paul makes Samantha’s Beyond Breakfast of Champions. The book we’re reading often … Continue reading

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May Team Tip | What Kind of Character Are You?

Return from Beyond Organic Ranch Paul and I have just returned from our first trip to Beyond Organic Ranch and we hardly know where to start. We want to tell you how therapeutic and relaxing the time we spent with … Continue reading

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February Team Tip | Go for 108 Yards in 11 Seconds

Anyone watch a little football last night? Yeah, me too. And, WOW. I’m not what you’d call a sports enthusiast, but I enjoy a good game now and again. The rivalry, the excitement, the commercials(!)…they’re all part of what makes … Continue reading

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Finishing Strong: The Strategic Leader’s Guide to Month’s End

Each month, Beyond Organic leaders reach down to help pull other team members up. It’s part of the job, sure, but it’s also a good exercise in leadership. Especially as the end of the month draws near, it’s good practice … Continue reading

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Guaranteed Success for the Lazy Procrastinator

You’ve been lied to your entire life.  As a kid, your teachers warned you against procrastinating and your parents constantly nagged about your laziness.  And if you’ve had any kind of adult relationship, you’ve probably been condemned for both repeatedly … Continue reading

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Join Jordan Rubin at Live Beyond Organic 2012 National Conference

For the last two years, one of my primary roles (at my “grown-up job”, which I’ve since left) was planning/hosting the company’s annual conference. I honestly don’t think anything drove more excitement, motivation, or volume in the field than the conference did … Continue reading

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Beyond Organic Team Tip of the Month | January

Resolve to Get Involved Yeah, yeah, yeah.  It’s the beginning of a new year, and everyone wants to know, “did you make a resolution?”  Most of the experts I follow (including friends Mike & Kate Battistelli and radical thinker and … Continue reading

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