Webinar Training Series with Dr. Corey Gold

10272496_10203998907706994_7782484291769175227_oThink fast:  What does every single network marketing MILLIONAIRE have in common?

They never stop learning.

Adopt a continuing education mindset, and you’ll experience NO LIMIT to the success you’ll reach in any endeavor.

Wondering where to start?

Start with webinars. Start with one of my favorite leaders, Dr. Corey Gold. This professional network marketer has taught my team a TON about how to help more people, increase volume, and raise your check. Please let him help you to do the same.

Why webinars?

Hosted by my mentor and the best networker I know, Mike Battistelli, these webinars  will equip you to hit the first leadership rank (SEMD) with car bonus, polish up your invitation, host a world-class meeting, master edification and the 3-way call, and grow your teams with personal rank advancement. You can access them from your couch wearing your favorite PJs and your fuzzy slippers. And you can become a true pro in this business.

Don’t just hope you get better. LEARN HOW to get better. Let’s go!

Webinar Recordings

Week 1 – Mapping your route to SEMD & Car Qualification (8/5/15)
Access the recording here
Week 2 – How to invite (8/12/15)
Access the recording here
Week 3 – How and why to hold a meeting/event (8/19/15)
Access the recording here
Week 4 – How and why to do 3-way calls (8/26/15)
Access the recording here
Week 5 – Ranking up to VPMD and above club (9/2/15)
Access the recording here


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