YGY Moms Approach

YGY MomsAre you a YGY mom looking for a simple way to invite other moms to take a look at what Youngevity has to offer? Look no further!

This page offers the clearest path for moms to share their message and grow their Youngevity business.

Hey Moms! Get Started Here.

First, you’ll want to follow steps 1 & 2 of the new distributor game plan:

1) Build your list of moms (download a template here)
2) Invite your mom friends to coffee (download the coffee shop convo here)

Once you’ve conducted a “coffee shop conversation” with your mom friends, it’s time to follow-up and let them know you’ve given a lot of thought to your recent conversation, and that you have a SOLUTION to offer them. It’s time to invite your prospect to…

Join the Daily Mom Call

Monday through Friday, you and your prospects can join the LIVE mom call hosted by Youngevity top leaders, Barb Pitcock and Wendy McGee:

Listen Live: Monday-Friday, 1pm ET (10am PT / 11am MT / 12 noon CT)
: 805-399-1200 | Pin: 298010

What if it’s a weekend? Or your mom prospect has a conflict during the daily call? No problem. Point her to the daily recording.

Access Recording: Any time!
Call: 805-399-1299 | Pin: 298010

How To Invite

The key to success in this mom model (mom-del?) is in how you make the invitation to join the mom call.

Here’s a sample script to invite to a live call:

“Hey ____! I just found out about a team of moms that launched recently. I thought of YOU! I don’t know if it will fit, but you can make 2-5000 a month. All you do is dial in to a 25-minute call once a day. Listen at 1pm ET (Call: 805-399-1200 | Pin: 298010)”

Here’s a sample script to invite to listen to a recording:

“Hey ____! I immediately thought of you when I heard this call. Do me a favor and call in to this number and take a listen. I want to know if this affects you like it did me. And heads up: they are recording over it tomorrow at 1pm ET so listen before then! (Call: 805-399-1299 | Pin: 298010)”

How to Confirm the Invite

After you make the invite, but BEFORE the call, you’ll want to confirm with your mom prospect that they received your text. (You can skip this step if you made your invitation face-to-face or over the phone as long as you got their commitment to listen and scheduled your follow-up.)

Here’s a sample script to confirm the invite:

“Hey ____! Did you get my text?” (The ice is already broken by your text, so you can go straight into getting the commitment to listen, and setting up a time to follow-up.)

“I just keep thinking of you and am so excited about this information. It’d mean the world to me if you’d check it out.” (If you’re more comfortable giving a release statement like the line below.)

“If it doesn’t fit for you, it’s 100% ok. We’re friends and I’m not going to pressure you about anything, but this is changing lives, and I had to share it with you.” (Set the time and confirm it using the Go Pro model: Step 3 found here.)

“OK great. I’m going to call you at ___ time tomorrow. I’m just so excited to see what you think!” (KEY: Let your excitement and passion show through. It’s contagious and they WILL be curious.)

How to Follow Up

Here’s a sample script to follow up:

“What excites you most about what you heard?” (Can they relate? Do they want to learn more? If so, set up a 3-way call with your upline for that day or the next. You can also send them this opportunity video to keep them excited until the 3-way call. Maybe suggest they show it to their spouse. KEY: Set up the 3-way call ASAP!)

More Mom Info

There’s also a great VIDEO you can share with your friends. Access it here. And feel free to head on over to the official YGY Moms website. It has a ton of great info and testimonials!

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