Your Weekly Calendar

While the bulk of your business time should be filled with INCOME-PRODUCING ACTIVITIES, there are certain things I carve out additional time for in order to stay connected with the team.

HINT: Put these in your calendar and set weekly reminders.

1) Join the weekly Blazer-Bound Book Club
Tuesdays @ 11am ET
For personal development & motivation

2) Join our weekly Team Huddle call
     When: Wednesdays @ 1pm ET
     Dial: 712-775-7031
For business training & company news

3) Join local events (And invite guests!)
     Local: Click for the Central Florida event schedule
     Nation-wide: Click for all Youngevity events

4) Check Facebook for weekly Double and Triple QV deals:
     Triple QV Deal: Check the 1st Wednesday of each month
     Double QV Deals: Check all other Wednesdays

5) Keep your autoship running with at least 100 QV each month.
     Hint:  Edit here at least 48 hours before it’s set to run