July Team Tip | Swap Where You Shop Again

NEW Bundle Available For July

unnamedWe asked and YGY answered – They’re bringing back the popular Swap Where You Shop promotion for the month of July!

When the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to get active.

The *NEW* Inspired By Summer bundle gets us everything we need to stay fit all summer long. Whether we need energy for those workouts, support for the joints, or muscle-soothing relief, get an extra boost from the incredible products in this bundle, which includes favorites from 2 members of our Athletic Advisory Board who know a thing or two about pain and gain:

  • Ultimate CM Cream™ – A favorite of former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and one of NFL’s greatest, Drew Pearson!
  • Rebound fx™ – A go-to post workout drink favorite of Theo Ratliff, one of the NBA’s premier shot-blockers.
  • Also includes A.C.T.™ Energy On-The-Go Stick Packs and Ultimate Gluco-Gel™


PLUS… Some of our favorite bundles are getting an encore!

  • Inspired By Earth Day: Nourish, cleanse and grow this summer with a variety of natural products for your home and health.
  • Immunity Booster: Don’t let a summer cold take over – These products are filled with powerful vitamins and nutrients to help your body feel its best.
  • Winter Warmth: When the sun goes down, the nights can get chilly. Treat yourself to a delicious dinner with great comfort foods.

See all the bundles and marketing resources HERE.

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June Team Tip | YGY World Challenge

unnamedIntroducing: The World Challenge!

Our first Youngevity Team Challenge was a huge success, so the company has created the World Challenge.

Unlike the Team Challenge, this is an INDIVIDUAL effort.

We’re now competing against our fellow team members and cross-line distributors to gain the ultimate bragging rights – and great prizes, too.

Now, Youngevity distributors from around the world can participate. Plus, we’ll enjoy exciting perks, take part in weekly prize drawings, and give our businesses an extra boost! What’s not to love?

Distributors from the USA and all of our international divisions are all welcome to participate.

The registration deadline is at midnight PDT on June 12, 2017, so get started now!

Learn more HERE.

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May Team Tip | Drink Up

unnamedJust recently, Youngevity launched its new Y-DR8+ Hydration System.

This new approach to staying hydrated allows you to improve the taste and quality of tap water; making hydration accessible anytime.

Now, Youngevity is adding Aquagevity nutritional tablets to the hydration system, allowing you to customize your water based on your nutritional needs.


I know. It’s pretty cool.
The first tablet that is available now is Aquagevity Energy. This great-tasting energy tablet supplies you with all-natural energy while on-the-go.
With the energy drink market growing at lightning speed, this innovative approach to energy and hydration also provides a great business opportunity.

If you want to learn about all the benefits and features of the Y-DR8+ Hydration System and Aquagevity Energy, make sure to visit www.aquagevity.com to get all the details.

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March Team Tip | Has Your Immune System Failed You

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 7.28.55 PMIf you’ve seen him interviewed on The Truth About Cancer, you know AJ Lanigan — a renowned immunologist and the formulator of my favorite beta glucan products — always answers tough questions with hard science.

Unlike me, AJ is a scientist and a medical expert. He’s educated and qualified to address one of the most common questions I routinely hear: What really causes cancer?

UnknownIf your immune system has failed you, AJ can help.

Join us as we host a one-day-only natural health seminar in my “neck of the woods” (Central Florida) where AJ will focus on the most important system of the body: the immune system.

We have very limited seating (and we are publicizing this loud and proud), so please fill out the simple registration form below and mark your calendars NOW.

When:  Saturday, March 18th — REGISTER NOW
Event:  Building Your Immune System with special guest AJ Lanigan
Location:  Fairfield Inn & Suites (Ocoee) | 10971 W Colonial Dr., Ocoee, FL 34761
Time:  9:30am – 12:30pm
Cost:  $5 for distributors | FREE for guests

p.s. Want to share this event with friends? Feel free to download these flyers and add your own contact info.

3-18-17 RYL flyer_1 shot_jrs

3-18-17 RYL flyer_beta glucan_jrs

3-18-17 RYL flyer_intact_jrs

3-18-17 RYL flyer_naturally_jrs

3-18-17 RYL flyer_TTAC_jrs


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February Team Tip | Save Once, Earn Twice


Ready to Swap Where You Shop?

This February, Youngevity is offering us three NEW bundles with best-selling products that everyone loves.

Don’t forget to share these with the rest of our team, because when you do, you can EARN EVEN MORE. Remember, we get paid from the comp plan (yay!), but these bundles also pay special promo pricing on top of regular bonuses (YAYYYYY!!!).

Check out the 3 bundles below.

A delicious selection of soups, healthy chocolate, and coffee keep you warm all through the winter.
A $141.43 retail value for $99.
A variety of nutritional suplements that may help promote optimal health during cold and flu season.
A $141.43 retail value for just $99.
Reimagine your weight loss goals and enhance your low-carb or low-glycemic diet by supplementing your routine with the Weight Loss bundle!
A $141.43 retail value for just $99.
Login to your back office to shop HERE.
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January Team Tip | 2-Week Promo Pays CASH


I’ve been with Youngevity for several years now (my, how time has flown!) but I have never — and I mean never — seen a promo that rewards us with this much cold, hard, delicious, spend-on-whatever-you-want CASH.

I’m so excited, I can barely stand it.

Between now and Jan. 15, you can save on products for yourself (also a plus) or earn direct cash back rewards when you reach out and sell to others.

Keto Weight Management Promo Pak
Keto Weight Management Promo Pak$252.86 retail value for just $149

Revamp your diet this new year with Youngevity’s newest Slender FX™ products! The new year is here and you’re ready to make a change.

Our line of Slender FX™ products lets you get started tapping into the power of a keto diet.

This three-product bundle is just what you need to boost your metabolism and support a low-carb diet.

  • $149 W/S
  • 50 BV
  • 150 QV

# USYG201702


Swap Where You Shop Promo Pak

Swap Where You Shop Promo Pak$270.26 retail value for just $149

The Youngevity products you love are already saving you trips to the store – but there’s even more in store for you!

This value-priced bundle is a great way to explore and discover new Youngevity products you may have never even considered.

They’re all premium quality and they’re all delivered right to your door.

  • $149 W/S
  • 50 BV
  • 150 QV

# USYG201701


Jumpstart Your January

Bundles Sold Reward Per Bundle Sold Total Cash Reward
1 $25 $25
2 $25 $50
3 $25 $75
4 $25 $100
5 $50 $250
6+ $50 $300+

But don’t keep this all to yourself – tell some friends! As an enrolling distributor, for the first four bundles purchased by your preferred customers or new enrollees (including bundles purchased by your directly enrolled distributors), you’ll get $25 each in direct cash back. That’s $100 extra for four sales. When you sell a fifth bundle, not only will we raise the cash-back amount to $50 each, we’ll apply it to the first four bundles as well. So the $100 you earned for four sales becomes $250 for five sales!

Don’t wait though, this exclusive offer is good only through Sunday, Jan. 15!

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December Team Tip | How To Beat Amazon

imagesI saw this recent Facebook post from Youngevity Ambassador Tom Chenault, and it made me blush.

Necessary Clarification:  Okay, hold on. If you know Tom, or have seen his “underwear bit” from the 2015 Youngevity annual convention, or my on-camera reference to Tom’s underwear bit from that same convention, you might be misled by my blushing statement. So let me clarify. And fasssssst.

This, my friends, is not about underwear. So listen up.

I have been asked, “What can we do about losing customers to Amazon?” a few times, and I’d fumble through an answer that said more-or-less (errr, probably less) the same thing as Tom says below, but in a far less articulate way.

So, I blushed out of embarrassment that I could never previously provide the insights he so non-chalantly (but totally Chenault-ly) does in the recent Facebook post I’m about to plagiarize (no, we’re safe: I’m giving credit so it’s not plagiarism. Whew!) below.

This guy knows what he’s talking about, and he’s talking to YOU and to ME. Let’s focus on the right things, right away, and 2017 is sure to be our best year yet.

Sick of having to compete with Amazon, Ebay and Walmart?   Me too.

I was watching Anthony Bourdain interview the greatest chef in Europe for the past 20 years.   He asked the guy what was most important to having a successful restaurant.   Pretty dumb question to ask a chef in my opinion.   That goes to show what I know….

The chef said…”Atmosphere, service and food” in that order.   Which made me think about how to compete with those online sellers of my products.

I can kick their ass on atmosphere.  I can make it fun to buy from me.  I can give them incredible personalized service.   I can compete on price.   And it’s all the same products.   So I can WIN instead of giving up by using my secret weapon which is the buttons on my phone!   Amazon, Ebay and Walmart give NOTHING!   They just take!   And look for the low hanging fruit.

My company is all about the customer experience!  And me…I just have to be me.  And stay in the game and on the phone.   I need to treat them like I want to be treated!  End of story!

— Tom Chenault

So let’s get out there and be the best WEs we can BE, okay?

Don’t be Tom. (Good luck trying).

Definitely don’t be me. (One is more than plenty).

Just be YOU. Because if you’re reading this post, you care more about your customers than the average sales person, and certainly more than the random Amazon affiliate, and your customers are going to love you for it.

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November Team Tip | Youngevity has your holiday shopping covered


Are you seeing “Shop Small” and “Shop Local” mantras all over Facebook like I am? Well, guess what?

It doesn’t get more local than a home-based business.

Whether you have your own Youngevity business or you’re one of our cherished customers, we have over 5,000 products to cover most of your holiday needs!

Teacher gifts? Try coffee and chocolate. Mmmmm.

Lovely ladies in your life? I’ll help you personalize a locket.

General gifts for gals? Mialisia jewelry is always a hit.

De-stress presents? Essential oils + a diffuser, bath salts, lotion or sugar scrub.

And don’t forget the ever-popular personalized photo gifts like Christmas ornaments, iPhone cases, mugs/coasters, calendars, wall decor, and even your holiday cards through Heritage Makers.

Don’t just “shop small” this holiday season. Shop SMART.

Save time and money with the generous deals Youngevity is offering.

Login and shop from the comfort of your home HERE.

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October Team Tip | Get Up. Get Going. Get What You Want.

unknown-1Sometimes I need motivation.unknown-2

Sometimes, I want encouragement.

But today, I needed a dose of “Please someone, tell me what to DO!

Ever had those days? You know, those days where you know you need to ACT, but you don’t know what to DO? I have. I know what that feels like. And that’s why I’ve been working on this team’s tip for a few weeks.

This month’s tip is all about TAKING ACTION.

unknownI had the privilege of speaking on a recent Daily Dose call where I hit this issue right between the eyes.

I did it for me. But now I’m sharing it with you.

You can listen to the full recording, but here’s what I covered in less than 30 minutes:

  • 4 Causes of IN-action:  unpreparedness, fear of rejection, limited self-image, low self-esteem
  • Start with the end in mind:  vision-building, positive affirmations, and S.M.A.R.T. goal setting
  • The dangers of intention:  intention without initiative is bedazzled inaction
  • How to get up, get going, and get what you want.

Check out the full Daily Dose (9/29/16) Recording here.

I hope this team tip helps your business to GROW!

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September Team Tip | Don’t Go Broke Trying To Get Rich

A team member sent this Ray Higdon excerpt out in a recent newsletter to her team (Thanks, Lori!), and it really spoke to me.

I see a LOT of people that are going broke trying to get rich quick. Stop it. Your income will be determined by how many people you impact, how much value you bring to the marketplace and how many problems you help solve.

None of those virtuous acts are cheap or happen magically, they happen with work and YOU have what it takes to make it happen and to create the life of your dreams.

This is good advice. But there’s actually more to it in Youngevity. There’s something special about our business model — something unique to our company alone. Do you know what it is?

A lot of MLM companies expect you to become “garage qualified” by purchasing an abundance of product you don’t expect to use in order to participate in their comp plan. Talk about “going broke trying to get rich”!

hqdefaultAt Youngevity, we teach people to “Switch Where You Shop” instead. We simply redirect our spending. Got a line item on the family budget for nutritional products? Buy them from your YGY business instead. And then teach others to do the same.

Other popular “switch” categories include: coffee & energy drinks, fashion & jewelry, skin & body care, home & garden, pet products, makeup and more.

And don’t forget personalized gifts for weddings, birthdays, teacher appreciation, and holidays.

As Ray suggests, it’s all about value in the marketplace. And YOU have that value. It’s all part of YOUngevity. Now let’s get out there and spread some value.

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